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About HyPA

The Hyang Packages Archive (HyPA) is an archives network acting as the primary service distributing software packages, documentations, and other works empowered by the Hyang Language Foundation, including Hyang sources and binaries, Hyang's packages, cLHy sources and its cAPI, HySS sources and its extensions, and their documentations.

HyPA is the central place for all kind of softwares, packages and other materials contributed around the Hyang Programming Language and empowered by the Hyang Language Foundation. Most of the packages are free, downloadable, and can be used immediately.

About The Hyang Language

Hyang is a general-purposes programming and scripting language which consists not only a language, but also a standalone interpreter plus a compiler (Abah) with a JIT (Just-In-Time) capabilities (Jitabah); run-time environment with graphics, a debugger, access to certain system functions, and the ability to run programs within script files.

Hyang provides a modern interface to mathematical and statistical algorithms, and some modern computational tasks including AI and data sciences. The Hyang distribution also contains utilities for parallel computations, neural networks, spatial correlation and "monadic" space analysis, genetic algorithms, survival analysis, recursive partitions, some algorithms to deal with lattice stuffs, bootstrapping tools, kernel smoothing, etc.

On mathematics and statistics, Hyang has a large sets of functionality for a large number of modern research topics, including linear and generalized linear analysis, nonlinear regression analysis, time series analysis, parametric and nonparametric tests, clustering, smoothing, structural equation modeling (SEM), partial least square (PLS), fuzzy logic, etc, also provides a flexible graphical environment for creating various kinds of data visualization.

In addition to its own compiler and debugging facility, Hyang also has interfaces to the packages written in C, C++, Obj-C, Fortran and Java, for efficiency.

About HyPA Website and Content

The HyPA website provides access to a variety of software packages, documents, and other works of authorship, images, graphics, and other contents. Please review our Terms of Use and Privacy Statement.

The HyPA website was built using :

  1. Bootstrap Tookit
  2. Bootstrap is a responsive and mobile front-end toolkit using HTML, CSS, and JS. The Bootstrap source code is licensed under MIT License.

  3. Fontawesome
  4. Fontawesome is an icon set and toolkit that can be used to style the front-end of the web or mobile apps. The Fontawesome source code is licensed under MIT License.

  5. Google Fonts
  6. HyPA uses Antic and Cutive Mono font that are available from Google Fonts website. Both fonts are licensed under Open Font License.

  7. Hyang Server Scripts (HySS)
  8. HySS is a server scripts toolkit backed the HyPA. HySS is the open source project made available by the Hyang Language Foundation, and is licensed under GNU GPL version 3. HySS products are also available in enterprise edition.

  9. Served by cLHy
  10. cLHy is an HTTP server and the software system made available by the Hyang Language Foundation, and is licensed under GNU GPL version 3. cLHy products are also available in enterprise edition.

  11. SQLite
  12. HyPA uses SQLite 3 to store some of the website data in the back-end.

HyPA Contributors

The lists of HyPA website team and all known HyPA contributors so far are available at this page. Please contact us if you have contributed to the HyPA website or to the packages archive but not yet listed there.